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Novin Saffron, a private company, was established in 1992 with the goal of producing, processing, packaging, marketing and selling saffron with a different and new approach.

On average roughly 95% of our products, exclusively saffron of different types in a variety of packaging, is exported to the European countries as well as Canada, the Arab countries, Japan, South Africa, Australia, and the USA. 

From the start, Novin Saffron has been a model producer, specialized, innovative, serious and honest. By offering products exceptional in quality and packaging together with excellent service, we have been able to gain the satisfaction and trust of customers and more importantly, to create for Iranian saffron the credibility and respect it deserves.

At Novin Saffron we treat this precious spice with the respect it deserves. By applying the most rigorous and thorough quality management system, using our knowledge gained through generations in the business and state of the art methods and instruments, we insure that our products not only meet but surpass the stipulations of international standards. In fact we were the first saffron company in the world to receive:

ISO 9000 (International Standard Organization, Quality Management System) in March 1996.


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