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LA AMAPOLA is a Spanish brand that started its activity in 1990 with the production of women's trousers, and since 1999 it has changed the scope of its activities to the childish luxury.

The design and sewing of this branded product are entirely made in Spain and the material used in clothing is also of Italian quality fabrics. Designs in the postmodern style inspired by the original medieval European costumes, and the collection of Queen Elizabeth of England.

LA AMAPOLA in Spanish means "Anemone Flower". The brand received the Best Quality Award from the European Textile Association in 2015 and won the International Brand Award from the Spanish Association of Entrepreneurs in 2017.

Currently, the brand is represented in the United Kingdom, France, Mexico, the United States, China and Saudi Arabia, and the representation of the countries of Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey is also assigned to the Amitis Trading Company.

LA AMAPOLA delivers three product collections throughout the year, two of them are spring-summer, and autumn-winter collections, produced in the first and second half of the year, and the third collection includes ceremony products that are mostly handmade. Products of LA AMAPOLA cover the age range of 1 to 12 years.

All the efforts of brand designers are to design gorgeous and sophisticated dresses for little angels and to show the shine of these heavenly gifts in parties.


 Phone: 22183931


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