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Damavand Co., with the aim of acquiring a large part of the watch market (luxury, fashion) and creating a suitable platform for cultural development, is able to offer its products and services to its customers in different ways. Damavand Commodity Development Co., with the mission of distributing, selling, manufacturing specialized boutiques and providing after-sales services, has been established to create a distinct experience for the people of Iran.

As the country of Switzerland is the watchmaker and the world's largest watch and accessories manufacturer and exporter, the company has been proud to receive reputable dealers such as Tag Hoyer, Maurice Lacrova, Zenit, Ibell, Concorde, Roberto Cavalli, Korlouf, Ferara Milano, Rosace , Smalto, Jast Cavalli, Sprit and .... in Iran.

Damavand Company Development Company, together with its expert team, has been able to gain a major share of its target market in a very short time, utilizing the up-to-date and relevant knowledge, technology and experience. With the expansion of supply points throughout the country, the company is serving lovers of watches and fashion.


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