restaurant_menunatural juice and ice cream

Drink juice with real flavor.

The benice juices are produced daily from fresh and delicious fruits and that is very important subject for benice, with "Be Fresh" slogan.

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Cafe Viuna Express
restaurant_menuCoffe Shop

Having inaugurated its first branch in Tehran in 2007, Café Viuna started operating.

The managers and the staff at Café Viuna welcome you and try to do their best to offer you a high quality menu and service to meet the international standards and having received your feedback and support ,we are pleased to serve you in several branches in Tehran as well as other cities in our beloved country.

The coffee used in Café Viuna – la Semeuse Swiss Coffee – is one of the best in Europe and the world which has been praised several times by food critics in renowned food magazines such as “Food Trade”

The factory is located in Switzerland 1000 meters above sea level at Alps mountain foot providing the most ideal condition to roast the coffee to reach a unique aroma and taste.

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Doner Company

Doner kebab is a type of kebab, made of fresh meat or chicken and cooked on a vertical rotisserie.

you can eat a different type of delicous doner in Doner Company.

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We’re burger freaks, and we couldn’t find a good homemade burger ANYWHERE, one with a crunchy
bun, our choice of sauces and prepared FAST. And worse, the ordering process was always a pain!

So, we decided to do it ourselves: we brought International chefs from around the world, got the youngest
and most innovative IT developers, put them together with the passion and energy of our entire team
(and of course no sleep and a LOT of burger testing) and we did it! 


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restaurant_menuTypes of breadcrumbs

The Whirlpool's Whipping Unit offers a variety of exciting chefs in Foodcourt Gallery

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Khaneh Koochak
restaurant_menuFast Food

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restaurant_menuPersian Food

In 1988, the Yazd tablecloth brand has begun for the admirable taste of the compatriots. Now with an experience of nearly three decades, this top brand named Latir in the Galleria has hosted customers.

From the first day, the high quality of food and customer respect are two basic principles for us, and your trust in these years has been the main reason for the expansion of services and increasing the reputation of the name brand Yitt and Labyrinth.

One of the unique attributes of the Latir brand in the Galleria is the serving of traditional sofas or so-called spirits that, in addition to consumer comfort and the highest standard of sanitation, dear customers can bring their own dishes.

Latir is a large kitchen with a breadth of your taste and the breadth of your demands. Enjoying great parties and meetings, and providing meals for reputable companies and organizations in our workbook, will ensure that you order your favorite meals and continue to work with our professional chefs and our partners in packaging and distribution. 

The Latir brand is located on the fifth floor of the northern side facing the glass elevators

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Sab Way

We are proud to bring our 5-star Salmon to your taste and style to create the best. Everything here is in your own taste and style, we help you to choose and combine the best. All you have to do is sit back with the previous food frame and give it one with the patience and creativity of your salad and sandwich, and at the end enjoy your dishes from our diverse diets. It should be said that our whole effort is to create A massive and exciting variety, using healthy and dietary ingredients.


Make your own food and enjoy it

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